Started as a student you use STUDENICS® later as an alumni network

Exclusive. Closed. Worldwide.

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160 million

students that

become alumni

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Your community,

on a life-long basis

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contact persons

from companies and universities

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Minimal bureaucracy

in career changes


As an alumnus/ alumna you laid the foundation for your career already when being a student and networked with decision makers in companies and universities. Therefore, you have smoothened your start into working life by using STUDENICS®. After your studies, you can use your network on a life-long basis.

You want to change jobs? A challenge abroad would keep your interest? With your contact persons in companies all over the world, that you linked to already during your studies, the channels will be shorter and more  unbureaucratic. You have the often required vitamin B because personnel planners have seen your development during and after your studies.

You are searching for help in regarding to project work or for freelancers for your own business? There, you also benefit from your STUDENICS® network from student days.


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